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The Your Youniverse Youtube Channel is making a transition!

(Are you interested in transitioning into more freedom too?)  


I am so passionate about the work I do and the content I create! In honoring my own TRUTH regarding that passion, I've made a really BIG decision!

My intention is to begin creating my content on a private platform -- namely, this website. 

Youtube has made some pretty big changes itself as of late, and this has caused me to reevaluate what keeps my passion alive. (Change is good!!)

For the purposes of continuing to educate my loyal following in a liberated manner, this new creation of mine will begin taking form very soon!

Here's how it will work:

Most of the current content on my YouTube channel will remain there for the time being.

Over the course of the next several weeks/month, I will be posting less of my new content on that platform and begin posting it here as private content. It will take me a little time to transition this fully as I want to give everyone the opportunity to become aware of this. But, you will start seeing less content on the channel and this is the reason for that. 

I am going to offer 2 Law of Attraction Coaching Videos, a Private Community Support Forum and 1 MP3 Meditation Download per month for the price of $4.99. (My meditations currently sell for an average of $15 each, just to keep the cost of this in perspective.) 

The videos will be the same as what I create for the channel. And if you've followed my work, you know I almost always give a technique to use in those videos. When creating content, I go with what inspires me in the moment and find that it fits what many are looking for at that specific time. So, this will vary just as the channel content does now. (My intuition is my guiding force.)

This allows me to:

  • Continue to stay in the space of content creator for my followers, but without some of the constraints and penalties that YouTube has initiated.
  • Offer completely AD-FREE content.
  • Take requests/votes as to what this private community wants most from the video content and meditations. 
  • Pay myself and my staff (I have 3 employees) to continue creating this content.
  • Maintain my monthly production costs.
  • Have more time to focus on the quality of my content vs. keeping up with staying relevant on Youtube so my videos can be seen.
  • Take a Sunday (or 2) off from working. :)
  • Integrate this with my current Private Community Forum where members interact and support one another (100% Positive Reinforcement!) 
  • And, most importantly, give you information that really matters in the realm of manifestation!

If you are interested in supporting me in this endeavor and growing with a LIKE-MINDED and SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY, you can use the form below to get on my list for the official announcement of the full-launch and I'll let you know when this private platform is LIVE AND EXCLUSIVE! (There will be an official sign up for this when it happens. Putting your name on the list is only to notify you of it, not for any payment.)

I want each of you to know how truly grateful I am for all of the support I have received! The Your Youniverse Channel would not be what it is without this AWESOME community of people, and my intention is to move that community into more freedom! I am dedicated to continuing to give you content that counts and helping you achieve your manifestation dreams! This is my life's purpose and I feel it within every fiber of my being. :)


In service, 



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