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This page shows you an example of what you get in each month's link. It includes both Level 1 and Level 2 content examples. Each month, we will give you different Law of Attraction techniques, processes, exercises and information to work with. Level 2 is designed to enhance Level 1, and each month is designed to build upon the previous month. When you work with these processes in 30 day increments, you strengthen your manifestation power in magnificent ways! 

If you sign up for Level 1 & decide to change it to Level 2 later, you will start over at the first month for Level 1 but have everything listed in Level 2 in addition to that. For example, you can see the two levels listed below on this page. Level 2 is designed to reinforce and strengthen everything given in the Level 1 portion -- they work together. Level 1 is available as it's own tier, but Level 2 is not. And when any new membership is activated, the tiers are created to start with the first set of processes. 

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 Level 1  


Turn Your Brain Into A Creation Machine!






Turn Your Brain Into A Creation Machine! 


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Thought is a very potent form of energy. Our thoughts become the words we say and the actions we take. Those words and actions become the habits that make up the sum total of who we are. That sum total creates our specific frequency which is sent out into the Universe in waves of great force, and in turn, matches us with the reality that we each perceive.  

Since thought is such a powerful force, it’s important to be aware of what and how we think. As humans, we have the ability to control our mind and thoughts, and therefore, our words, feelings and behaviors. When we take conscious control of these things, we have control over what we manifest. We each have the ability to create the thoughts of what we want to be, do or have. And once enough of these thoughts are in place, they begin to change our state of being – the words we say, the feelings we embody and the actions we take. Once again, all of these things result in the kind and quality of our lives.

Thinking about what is seen or perceived through the physical senses is easy. Thinking about what is wanted is also easy, because the feelings that are produced due to the thought generally brings a person in alignment with that thing momentarily. But, thinking that what is wanted is already a reality, something that isn’t perceived in a physical way, is not quite as easy. Because the brain relies on sensory perception for validation, it will often reject that what is wanted is real because it has no proof of such. And, this is the one thing that can keep a person from manifesting what they truly want from life. 


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Turn Your Brain Into A Creation Machine Worksheet 


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Follow this simple process to begin activating your mind to create the things you most want in life. In doing so, you feed your brain the information required for it to begin looking for ways to manifest a new reality! 


Step 1: 



Step 2: 



Step 3: 



Step 4: 



Step 5:









30-Day Manifestation Challenge


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This month’s challenge is all about being true to yourself and creating a life that aligns with the way you choose to live! It works by stretching you towards your dreams. Each day for the next 30 days, use this guideline to assist you. You may choose to write these things down on a note card and carry them with you throughout your day. With this process, you are making a firm commitment to your manifestation, which is a vital part of creating it in your life! 





Monthly Affirmation


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Fill in your manifestation and place it somewhere you can read it (or subconsciously see it) several times per day to reinforce the information and process given above. 




Monthly E-Book 


 This book is one of the most important and best written classic writings on the Law of Attraction. In it, this law is analyzed in detail. It offers one of the best explanations of how a positive mind and belief in the self are magnets for prosperity, happiness and creating a dream life!  We believe everyone can benefit from reading and owning their very own copy of this masterpiece! You can click the book cover (or here) to download the PDF version of this book. 






Level 2 



Train Your Brain to Create Your Reality Intentionally!


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Train Your Brain to Create Your Reality Intentionally!


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Your brain is a muscle that can be strengthened just like any other muscle in your body. Brain fitness studies show that repetition is the premium way to train your brain to work for you in ways that you consciously choose. Additionally, when we do anything with repetition, we wire new pathways in our brain that help us accomplish those things in faster and more efficient ways.

Think back to when you were a small child just learning how to walk. At first, you were clumsy and probably fell down several times. But, as you practiced putting one foot in front of the other repeatedly, your brain began to create those new neural pathways that made you more proficient with the task until, eventually, you were doing it on your own with ease.

When working with any new goal, including creating something intentionally in your life, it’s best to start with small steps that you wouldn’t normally do and work your way up to an engrained habit – one that sticks. If you try to dive in head first, it becomes confusing to your brain because there is no map (those neural pathways) that tell it this is something it can or has accomplished in the past.

Try the following 30-day process to begin creating new neural pathways in your mind regarding the thing you’d like to manifest most in your life.


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The "I Can Do It" Intention Statement Worksheet  


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Below you will find an example of an intention statement as given in the video for this month’s exercise. To keep your mind in the “I can do it” state, challenge yourself to create your own intention statement using the process outlined in this worksheet. Fill in the following statements using as many ways as you can to reinforce your mind’s belief in the new intention statement you are going to create. 


Example Intention Statement:


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