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My Private Video Club 

Exclusive Videos and Techniques - Includes My Private Support Forum 



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Join My Private Video Club & Receive the Following Benefits:

  • 2 Private Videos Each Month That Include My EXCLUSIVE Techniques NOT FOUND ANYWHERE ELSE. These videos are similar to the content found on my YouTube Channel with the added benefit that I can speak freely and offer more information. (It may be that my videos move to this format 100% as I navigate through this uncharted territory! If you find my content beneficial to your journey, sign up below to be notified of this!)
  • A Download to Accompany Each Video in the Form of Video Scripts, Visualization Processes and/or Exercises given. (PDF's or MP3's - Dependent Upon What the Content Consist Of.) 
  • Access to My Private Support Forum to Connect with Like-Minded Individuals and Ask Any Questions You May Have About the Processes Given. (Free From Trolls!)
  • Ad-Free Videos 
  • A 25% Discount on All Store Items

This is a new feature that I've decided to add as our "Youniverse" makes new adjustments for the betterment of all! Change is GOOD, right!?

You will receive (every other week) that you can access in the "My Courses" section of the website.

The content is completely separate from any other courses or material I offer. This gives you the opportunity to explore the different options I have available, add-on to current subscriptions for an enhanced experience and receive support! 

My team and I are in the process of building this format and I intend to have it up and running by February. If you would like to be notified when we launch, please click the link below to be added to my notification list for this specific feature. 

Total Monthly Value:                                                            

2 Exclusive/Private Video Coaching Processes:  (Value $400)

A Downloadable PDF Script, Worksheet OR MP3 for each Video:  (Approx. Value $100)

Full Access to the Private Support Forum (Interact with Me, Other Coaches & Members):  (Value $300) 

Total Monthly Value: $800.00 

Monthly Cost: $11.11  :)






How it Works:

When you sign up, you will gain immediate access to the first 2 month's private video techniques & downloads.

(If you don't like the content, you can cancel any time.)

You will also gain immediate access to the private support forum and the 25% store discount.

30 days after you sign up, you will receive a new private video technique and download.

Every other week from that time forward, you will continue to receive new content in this form.

You will always be able to go into the "My Courses" section of the website as an active member and see any/all of the content you have received. 



Other Membership Options:

Online Courses (Main Course Includes the VIP Membership Program and Monthly Meditation Club)

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