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We each have ideas and beliefs regarding what we are capable of accomplishing in our lives. Some of those ideas simply float around as “hopes” and “wishes” in the conscious mind. Others are deeply rooted within the subconscious mind and are rarely questioned. But one thing is certain, if the conscious “hopes and “wishes” do not become beliefs that the subconscious mind can work with, it will be very difficult for those things to become manifest. Both the conscious mind and subconscious mind must align in agreement to create a successful outcome.

You have a remarkable Creative Machine within you. This Creative Machine works with the programs it has stored away, most notably from what it learns in early childhood, and it keeps your entire life in alignment with those programs. Your brain and nervous system work together as a part of your machine to send signals to and through you that keep you consistent with the programs that have been created within you. So, you can see how it might become difficult to deviate from that course for any lasting amount of time when this is all done on an automatic and unconscious level.

Your Creative Machine, which everyone has, works with goals. Your self-image is the main goal of your Creative Machine and that main goal carries with it a myriad of other goals that branch off from it. The most important thing to note is that the machine within us will always work in alignment with the self-image, or the mental blueprint we have about the sort of person we are. This is the overall idea of what you believe to be true about yourself regarding your abilities, what you’re capable of achieving, your appearance, your personality and anything else that makes-up your personal identity.

This self-image is built-in, it’s automatic… and the Creative Machine always keeps it as a successful component of who and what you are. In other words, it’s your internal guidance system that makes you successful at maintaining your self-image, no matter what that self-image is, unless given instructions to alter that self-image, in which case it will automatically go to work to accomplish the new set of parameters given, and it will be successful at that.

Sometimes the goals that the Creative Machine has to work with aren’t in alignment with your desires and wishes. Nonetheless, it will consistently work towards those goals. If those goals aren’t in agreement with what you truly want, you must put new goals into your Creative Machine so that it can be successful with those. It’s the very primal part of you that attempts to keep order and protect you, and it will sometimes do so at the detriment of what you truly want from life.

We each carry a mental blueprint regarding who and what we are. This blueprint builds the automatic programs we run. And those programs determine the outcome of everything in our lives, from relationships, to money, to the types of social circles we find ourselves in and everything else in between. We imagine something to be true about ourselves and the type of life we live and then it is enacted automatically through our feelings, actions, thoughts and behavior. Consequently, our success and wealth, or lack thereof, are a direct result of the Creative Machine’s program. It is the way we are designed.

What all of this means is this: If you want to create more abundance in your life, your new main goal must be changing the self-image to that of a person who is abundant and, therefore, change the program that your Creative Machine automatically runs when it comes to that abundance. Simply put, you only need to give your Creative Machine new instructions to work with to see different results. This one thing will determine your entire life. And you can set this on auto-pilot in just the way your current self-image and the programs that align with that run now.


Here’s an example of how your Creative Machine automatically works for you:


Let’s say you think of yourself as a great baseball player. When you attempt to hit a ball, your Creative Machine will do most of the work for you. You see a ball being pitched to you and then you just swing and run. You don’t think to yourself, “I need to pull my arms back and then propel them forward really fast, drop the bat and then move my right leg and then my left leg and keep doing that until I get to first base.”

Hitting the ball, how to run and how far to run happens automatically. This comes from the subconscious part of you, what I’ve referred to here as your Creative Machine, and it does the work for you. It’s really quite remarkable the amount of information and speed with which it operates. It only needs your senses to feed it information, and then it instantaneously processes that information through the self-image it has of you and does all of the automatic “thinking” and animation of your body to create the outcome as related to that self-image.

If you felt that you were not very good at playing baseball, you would rarely even hit the ball, much less have the opportunity to run to base. Your Creative Machine would work against you because of what you believed to be true about yourself. You might have the occasional success, but it would be rare. This amazing machine within you would image your goal of being a bad baseball player and, once again, do all of the automatic thinking and animation of your body to create that outcome. You might try to hit the ball, but your Creative Machine would have the goal of missing and do everything it could to make that the reality. You, as well as everyone else, get to live the reality of the parameters of your mind. In essence, you’re not necessarily bad a baseball, it’s simply that your program has a different goal to work with. It’s not such much that you use your mind in a way that is “wrong,” it’s simply that you don’t use your mind consciously very often…it uses you.

And, this works the same way when it comes to any goals we have in our lives.


The baseball example gives you a good idea of how your Creative Machine can either work for, or against you. Its job is to work towards the goal, whatever the goal is that has been created throughout your lifetime, even if those goals and programs were instilled without you even being aware of them.

Here’s the good news: We have the power to select new programs that work towards any new goals we choose!

Unlike animals, whose goals are pre-set (mostly towards reproduction and survival), humans have creative imagination. This means we are creators and, therefore, can create new goals and outcomes with our imaging abilities in ways that set new goals for our Creative Machines to create new, automatic programs to use that line us up with those things. When done properly, the new goal images are then interpreted as a part of our main goal, the self-image, and are automatically labored for via the Creative Machine!


So, how do you create new goals and programs that automatically drive you towards success & abundance in your life?


By changing the dominant goal, or the self-image, that the Creative Machine works with.


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Here are a few steps to get started:

  1. Take a few moments to write down who you believe you are. What do you say about yourself, your abilities and the type of life you live? What are the negatives, and what are the positives?

  2. Take a look at what you’ve written down and recognize the parts that don’t resonate with what you want to create in your life. Which aspects let you know that you have to change them if you want to experience something different in your life? You don’t need to dwell on these things, just identify them.

  3. Once you’ve identified these things, re-define those parts by writing them in a way that aligns with who you now choose to be. This is as simple as changing the negative things you say about yourself and reframing them into positives. Read these new positives to yourself daily until your mind begins to accept them as true.

  4. Make a point to seek out and study individuals who have the life you want to live. Pinpoint the qualities in them that might be different than the qualities you have, and begin to consciously adopt those things into your own life. Don’t compare yourself and your life to these individuals, rather make the point to become that type of person who has the things you want in your life.

  5. Visualize yourself often as this new you.

  6. Stop negative chatter in its tracks when you realizing you’re being critical of yourself and describing your life in a negative way. This is as simple as saying the word “No” or immediately shifting your focus to one of the traits you deem to be positive when you notice this happening.

  7. And do things that make you feel good as often as possible. Make a point to Spend time on yourself and the things you most enjoy.


Your life is a reflection of your self-image. These tips can help you begin the process of changing your self-image and the dominant goal that your creative machine uses to keep your life in alignment with that program. You will always act, and attract, according to the type of person you believe yourself to be. When you change your self-image, you change your life.


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