The TRUE Secret to Manifesting Happiness!   





Well-being and contentment are a part of our essential nature. Attempting to capture these feelings from the outer world is counter-productive to producing the results desired in manifestation. This is not because happiness is something that we can’t have; it’s because happiness is something that is already a part of who we are, and we can decide to be happy in any moment.

When you are able to understand that there is nothing you need to change, be, do, or have in order to be happy, life delivers results in a very radical and easy-going way. Many people spend a tremendous amount of time and energy chasing the things they want because they believe those things will make them happy. In this pursuit, there is often stress and strain experienced through the attempt to feel better because of these things. Simply put, we attribute feeling good with what we need to have in order to achieve more of feeling good. 

When we take our focus off of creating more things, and put it towards uncovering our highest, deepest self, we discover that underneath the wanting and all the thoughts about what’s wrong with our life is something really quite wonderful. 

There are two types of Happiness:

  1. Outer Happiness – These are the outer things that we identify with being happy. For example: The perfect home, a great relationship, a beautiful car and so on.
  2. Inner Happiness – This is the internal experience of love, fulfillment, security, freedom, joy and well-being.

There’s nothing wrong with having the things that cause outer happiness; in fact, you’re entitled to them. But, if we spend all of our time trying to attain them, then there is no success in reaching the final destination of what they would mean. The pursuit of creating what you want should be meaningful and joyful in the present moment. It’s designed to be delighted in as a fun experience. The ultimate success could then be defined as a combination of inner happiness and outer happiness where there is authentic happiness within AND with all of the “things” that a person desires. And this is the perfect combination to become the ultimate creator of your life.

The issue becomes that we are so used to attaching our joyful feelings with getting what we want, and our unpleasant feelings with what is perceived as “failure” in the pursuit of what we want, that many never realize that happiness and manifestation are inherently linked. 

Ask yourself these questions:

Are you afraid that you won’t manifest what you want? Or is that you’re afraid of how you’ll feel if you don’t manifest what you want?

Are you afraid of a lack of abundance?  Or is it that you’re afraid of how you’ll feel without abundance?

Are you afraid of being without a partner? Or, are you afraid of how it will feel to be without a partner?

And the ultimate question: What would you want if you didn’t have to be unhappy about NOT getting it?

The only reason anyone is ever unhappy is because they think they should be unhappy about something.




When we feel bad, it’s because we’ve been conditioned to think that “bad” is the best way to feel in that moment. But, whatever you can do with unhappiness, you can do better when you’re happy. In fact, when you’re happy on the inside, all of the outside happiness begins to manifest in amazing ways.

Try the following exercise to really get a grasp of what happiness truly means to you:

  1. In your mind, notice a future you, out near the end of their life, looking perfectly happy and content. Imagine walking over to this future you to say hello. Ask this older, wiser version of yourself what it is they have done with their life to make them feel so good. Ask then ask them what actions they took to be so happy. What attitudes and behavior did they adopt that contributed to this happiness? What accomplishments led to them having such a wonderful life? Spend as much time as you’d like with this supremely happy version of you, and intently listen to the answers they give about what happiness truly means. Be sure to ask for any advice they could offer due to their vantage point of hindsight. Thank this happy you for their time and then come back to your day.

Once you have left this meeting, grab a piece of paper and something to write with while your mind is fresh from the encounter. Based on what you’ve learned in this meaning about happiness, what does it mean to you? What was it about this version of you that really demonstrated that they were happy and content? What advice did this happy “you” give you that you could implement in your life immediately? Write down anything that resonated with you as something you could begin to adopt in your own life right now.

Once you have written this information down, take a moment to think about something you want that you feel unhappy about because you don’t have it yet. Now, ask yourself if it could now be ok for you to be happy without this thing. If your answer is no, ask yourself the following questions:

- What am I afraid would happen if I don’t have this thing I want?

- What do I think it would mean about me if I don’t manifest this thing I want?

When you have your answers to these questions, use those answers to come up the really good reason or reasons that you have for being unhappy about this. Are you unhappy because you don’t have the thing you want? Or, are you unhappy because you’ve been conditioned to be unhappy about not having the thing you want?

After you’ve answered this question honestly, take a few moments to imagine feeling completely comfortable and peaceful without this manifestation. Come up with three ways that you could reach a happy place to substitute the “unhappy” emotion. If you have difficulty doing this, refer back to the meeting you had with the happy version of you and think of what this you would tell you to do. Each time you feel unhappy about not having the thing you want, use one or more of these three ways to get you back to that happy state. It’s also a good idea to read what you’ve written about your meeting with the other you daily, or take the time to mentally revisit this “you.”

Because of the principle of the self-fulfilling prophecy, whatever we believe to be true will always continue to be true. Reality is what we believe it is, and when we tell ourselves that any of the things we want will make us happier, they will. That is, if or when they are attained. But when you begin to understand that capturing those feelings in the “now” moment is the quickest way to get to what you want, it changes everything! This allows you let go of resistance because you’re not wanting anymore; you’re simply “being” with the feeling that you’ve been looking for all along anyway.

All you have to do to attain this happiness is turn your attention from outside in, because it is already a part of who you are. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know to want the feeling in the first place!


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