How to Trick Your Brain Into Manifesting What You Want! 




 What we do within our mental constructs holds the key to any and everything we manifest in our lives. Every thought we have leads us to a feeling. And every feeling we have makes us move either away from or towards our dreams. Feelings either motivate us, or they cause us to procrastinate, or even totally put off something that might help us achieve what we really want. From the feeling, every action we do, or don’t do, leads us to a result.

So, if we have something in our lives that is unwanted, this can be traced back to our actions, or lack thereof, the feelings that created those actions, or lack of actions, and the thoughts that produced those feelings. The root cause of everything in our lives is the way we think. For just this reason, if you don’t like something about your current reality, it is your mindset that must change first.

The problem with positive thinking alone is that it can make the brain lazy. Here’s why: By thinking only positively about our goals, the subconscious mind can decide to relax and settle in, believing the manifestation is true and that there is no reason to work any harder for it. Consider this: Would you go to the store and buy a loaf of bread if you already had a fresh loaf of bread in your kitchen? Probably not, because you already have it and the brain has no reason to prompt you that this is something you need to take action about to bring into your physical reality. And for some people, an already satisfied brain can be the one issue that keeps them from achieving their manifestations. As in the previous model given, we must put action in to create an intended result.

On occasion, we need to trick the brain into moving us into the required action. To do this, we must acknowledge the gap between where we are now and where we want to be. This prompts the subconscious mind to get unlazy about driving us towards the intended manifestation and to create a springboard that manifests the desired result. It needs the fuel to move you – and this process will give it both sides of the coin, the positive aspects and the pain points, to do this.


Here’s how to do it:

Choose something you’d like to manifest in your life and create and affirmation for that. For example, “I am living an abundant and successful life.” This particular exercise also works especially well if you create an affirmation with a reasonable timeframe wherein you believe you can achieve your goal. For example, “I am manifesting an abundant and successful life by the end of this year.”

Create a positive visualization about this manifestation and do it in a way that trains your belief system that you are really capable of achieving it. This gives it a map to your destination so it can move you physically to it. Use as many of your physical senses and positive feeling states as possible during this visualization so your mind fully believes this is so. Everything you visualize is a reality for your mind. By applying positive visualization and positive affirmations, your mind experiences this as an actual reality. I recommend submersing yourself in your visualization for at least 10 minutes per day, more if you’re able.

Once you have reinforced this manifestation with your positive visualization process, ask your subconscious mind a question about your corresponding affirmation that will prompt it to move you into aligned action. For instance, if your intended manifestation and corresponding affirmation is: “I am living and abundant and successful life,” ask the question “What will it take for me to live an abundant and successful life?”

If you used an affirmation with a timeframe attached, ask your subconscious mind the question “What will it take for me to live and abundant and successful life by the end of this year?”

When you do this, take note of the answer your mind gives you. Write those answers down and then ask it the question again. Keep asking this question and writing the answers down until you can’t come up with anything else.

Through this process, you discover why your current self doesn’t match the person who has the thing you desire. This opens your conscious awareness to answers from your subconscious mind and brings to the surface what you need to work on to successfully manifest your outcome. It expands your mindset and gives you the power to become motivated and spring into the necessary action to create success.

Do this each day and keep a journal of the actions your mind tells you to take and attempt to do as many of those actions as possible. Cross them off your list as you do them. In this way, you reaffirm your belief in your ability to have this manifestation which further impresses your subconscious mind and then you create a positive feedback loop that moves you into manifestation. How you feel and the actions you take will now be centered around your new projection of thoughts. And when you combine these things, you become unstoppable! 






















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