If you have an iPhone, iPad or other Apple product and you are unsure of how to download digital products, please read the instructions given below. (You may need to have a cloud app or download app on your device to store MP3's if you have not downloaded them to your device before.)

*Please note that we are not Apple support and may be unable to assist you if you have difficulty with this. You can always contact Apple Support @ 1-800-APLCARE

Follow these directions from Apple:

iTunes –Sync MP3 Files to Your iPhone -
To transfer MP3 from PC to iPhone, import MP3 files to iTunes library by choosing “File” “Add File to Library”.
Plug your iPhone into your computer with USB cable and run iTunes.
Locate and click on your device.
Click “Music” from “Settings” tab.
Choose “Sync Music” to sync the entire music library or a certain playlist and finalize the music transfer by hitting on “Apply” button.


This may help you locate the file on your phone, if you've downloaded it to an iPhone:

If you have an iPhone -Open your iPhone's Settings. 

This is the grey gear icon on the Home Screen.

Tap General. It's toward the top of the Settings page.

Tap Storage & iCloud Usage. You'll find this option near the bottom of your screen when you open General.

Tap Manage Storage under "Storage".

Scroll through your stored information.

It may also be in your downloads section of the music app (iPhone)