Hello, I'm Jessica Connor, the visionary behind the Your Youniverse YouTube Channel. As a Mindset & Success Coach, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience with a Master's in Metaphysical Science, a Ph.D. in Philosophy, and an ordination in the Metaphysical Ministry.

My passion for understanding the mind and its powers has led me to explore a diverse range of transformative disciplines, including the law of attraction, quantum physics, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), metaphysics, hypnosis, success strategies, energy healing, universal laws, and meditation, among others.

From my humble beginnings as a maid to earning a doctorate degree, my journey has been a testament to the power of taking conscious control of one's mind to enact profound and positive life changes.

I'm deeply moved and thankful for the growing number of individuals dedicated to broadening their consciousness, as well as for the overwhelming support I've received. It's an incredible journey to not only expand my own awareness and business but also to connect with so many of you through this process.

The curiosity and eagerness within our community inspire me every day. Questions about the people behind the channel, the achievements in my personal journey, insights into the Law of Attraction, and strategies for living an exceptional life fill my inbox regularly.

Among these inquiries, one stands out as the most frequent:

"Do you offer private coaching?"

I've decided to make my expertise widely available by simplifying access to my techniques and processes. My goal is to engage a broad audience, making learning both accessible and enjoyable, at a price that suits all budgets. To this end, I've transformed my coaching approach into a community-based model, where you can collaborate with me directly and benefit from personalized support in our private forum.



My VIP Membership Program tiers is equivalent to private coaching, but at a self-paced level.

offers content each month that mirrors the personalized guidance of private coaching, yet allows you to proceed at your own pace.

By joining, you gain the flexibility to explore these transformative processes in 30-day cycles, with all materials readily downloadable and printable for your convenience.

It's essentially the same expertise and insights I share in one-on-one sessions, but much more affordable. This approach is a perfect solution for anyone eager to take intentional steps towards crafting their life exactly as they wish.

Plus, the effectiveness of my coaching is well-established, both in my life and in the lives of thousands of exclusive clients.

(I've proven it time and time again in my own life and the lives of thousands of exclusive clients!)

Beyond this, you'll discover a range of resources to support your journey, including personal transformation courses, complimentary content, our monthly meditation club, and a selection of online store offerings. 

Beyond this, you'll discover a range of resources to support your journey, including personal transformation courses, complimentary content my monthly meditation club and a selection of online store items.  

Behind the scenes of this membership website has been a lot of work, but a fun kind of work. And I am delighted to have you here!

My goal is to serve and assist those who are in need of a life change, and I look forward to continually encouraging you, educating you and reminding you of the CREATOR you are!

Thank you for watching my channel and visiting my website!

If you are interested in taking the next step in your personal transformation journey, I would love to have you join my list of exclusive clients so I can be of assistance to you, too! 



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Photos by Michell Holloway Photography