5 Law of Attraction New Year's Resolutions to Increase Your Manifestation Power in 2021!




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There are a few Law of Attraction New Year’s Resolutions that can radically increase your manifestation power in 2021! In this article, I share my top 5 super simple-to-do New Year’s Resolutions that I’ve personally used to make big, positive changes in my life using the law of attraction.


Create a more relaxed, feeling-based approach to your resolutions to set yourself up for success. The better you feel, the better you attract. If you feel overwhelmed with any resolutions of the past that you didn’t stick with, you can approach this time of new beginnings with an approach that perfectly aligns with the law of attraction. To do this, examine your manifestation goals from the perspective of how you want to feel in the coming weeks and months.

An easy way to do this is by asking yourself a few feeling-based questions. For example:

What would I like to do more of this year?

What would I like to do less of?

What feelings would I like to feel more of this year?

Are there any feelings I would like to feel less of or totally eliminate?

Of my list of positive feeling states, what things create this within me?

If I could manifest one amazing thing this year, what would I choose for that to be?

How would it feel to have this thing in my life?

Write your answers down on a piece of paper and put it somewhere where you can review it first thing in the morning and just before bed. In doing so, you are examining and creating a focus on the feeling states that match more of what you choose to manifest in 2021. Again, the better you feel, the better you will attract.



Commit to meditating and/or visualizing your end goal for 10 minutes each day. Even if you only spend ten minutes visualizing the end goal of your manifestation and couple it with intense, positive feeling states, you begin to create an energy that builds in momentum. In keeping it short, this is a very do-able daily task, and it also releases any resistance around having to mentally labor for your manifestations. Of course, losing yourself in those positive feeling states of your visualization process for longer is perfectly okay too. I have lots of meditations on this channel and on my website to assist with this if you’re looking for something to guide you through a manifestation visualization process.



Commit to releasing negative energy and increasing your self-worth each day. In this life, there are no failures, only learning experiences. And beginning to look at any experiences that don’t feel so great in this way can create monumental shifts. Be willing to learn from your experiences, adapt when necessary and then make informed decisions on anything you can do differently to create a new outcome.  We’re all human here and we all learn this way. But, we’re often our own worst critic. The point is to stop rehearsing the past so you can stop reliving it.



Make doing one fun thing each day a priority. Again, this doesn’t have to be a lengthy activity if you have any resistance about it. But, just 30 minutes or an hour of something you really enjoy doing can move you into a space of allowing more good things to come into your life. As in the first tip given, your feeling state is what will attract back to you like experiences. It’s only that we can sometimes get caught up in the things we think we “should” be doing rather than having fun. Creating a list of short, fun activities that you can do each day can create radical, quick shifts in your life.



Ask yourself what it is that you really want? Then write that down and commit to doing something to manifest it. The previous 4 tips are ways you can commit to “doing” something to make your manifestations happen and you can use any of those, or any of the other tips I give on this channel. You can also add to this further by writing some daily “I AM” intention affirmations personal to you, such as:

I am going to monitor my thinking more often.

I am going to find ways to feel good more often.

I am going to eat healthier.

I am going to have more fun.

I am going to look for resources that will help me be successful.

I am going to seek out people who know how to create success and abundance.


Our New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be an unrealistic set of goals that cause us to feel negative feeling states if we don’t follow through. They can be fun and easy-to-implement, creating an energy that attracts back positive experiences. Commit to using one or all of these tips to make the law of attraction work in your favor and increase your manifestation power in 2021! 


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