The #1 Thing That Blocks Your Manifestations    





Our inner critic sometimes tries to stop us from achieving our goals or even making the attempt to change at all. It prefers to work with known variables, even if they produce negative results. So in order to have things remain the same, this inner critic may point out to you all of the ways it thinks you’ve been unsuccessful in the past and all of the ways you might be unsuccessful in the future. And this is what stops many people from pushing themselves into a new reality that aligns with what they truly want.

In order to be successful with our goals, it’s important to assign new meaning to any chatter that stands to block our success. And there’s a simple way to change how you feel about this inner critic and the level of authority it has in your life. Try this easy to implement NLP exercise that will immediately take the power away from your inner critic by changing the way you view it, and its advice. (Many of our judgments come from things that other people have said to us. If you find that your inner critic’s voice resembles someone else, imagine that person’s voice during this process.)

Think of a negative thought that goes through your mind when you attempt to make a positive change in your life. This thought might say something like, “Trying this is a waste of time,” “All of my past attempts never worked,” or, “I’m just not the type of person who can have that.” The goal is to pull up what your inner critic says to you that stops you in your tracks when you’re attempting to create something new in your life. You’ll know what this is by the list of reasons in your mind that make you feel insecure about your wishes and desires.

Once you have that in mind, we are going to change how you feel about your inner critic. This process may feel a bit awkward, but try it a few times to see how it works for you!

Imagine that your inner critic’s voice is coming to you from your big toe. Think about how distant this is from where you normally hear it, how it might be difficult to understand what is being said by your inner critic from way down there.

Once you realize how far away this critical voice is, imagine that it has sucked in a large amount of helium and then just try to listen to what it is saying to you now. Attempt to get a clear audio in your mind of this inner critic so far away and using a really squeaky tone. Once you have this audio in your mind, add a funny musical track from a show or a movie on top of this voice’s criticism. And then imagine how amusing it sounds behind music that already reminds you of fun and laughter.

Once you have this distant, helium inflated critical voice placed on a humorous musical track, imagine that it’s also coming from a radio station full of static, making it barely audible now. Your inner critic is now far detached from your mind, helium inflated, placed to funny music and greatly muffled by static.

At this point, it’s difficult to hear what it is actually saying, and if you could make out its comments, they would probably be comical. But just for fun, imagine now that your inner critic has a handful of rocks in its mouth and that it’s words are completely jumbled. Try really hard now to see if you can hear how garbled its message is underneath all of the static, silly music, helium, rocks and the amount of space between you and it. Take as much time as you need to get the audio to match all of the distortions given. You may also choose to come up with some other ways to make this inner critic not-so-serious to you.

After you have done this, take a moment to listen to this voice and re-evaluate how you feel about its disapproval of what you want for yourself. Are you able to listen to this inner critic without laughing? Are you taking it seriously now? Does it still have the same authority or impact it once did?  If you find that this voice still has some influence on you, run through the process a couple of more times until you are able to disassociate from the authority it once had.

This simple process takes the power away from your inner critic because you literally alter the meaning behind what it is saying to you, no longer allowing its advice or opinion to be valid. Try this process any time you realize your inner critic is making the attempt to block your success! Each time you do this, your subconscious mind scratches the record of the negative chatter that tries to stop your success. In this way, you are no longer able to attach the seriousness you once did to what is being said. And one by one, you will be able eliminate any negative talk that once stopped you from doing and having what you want!


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