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11 'Next Level' Meditations (Breakthrough Bundle)

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Monthly Training

Scientific studies show that specific mental training turns on parts of the brain that aren't typically used and can even change the physical structure of the brain itself. We've designed a program just for this type of training!

Each month you'll receive Law of Attraction Mental Training, Exercises and Premium Tips straight in your inbox. These techniques are specifically created to activate your brain in targeted ways, keep you focused on manifesting your dreams and to prove to you that you do have the power to transform your life! 

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This is Premium Law of Attraction and Manifestation Mindset Coaching for under $20.00 per month! When you train your brain in clearly defined ways, you create balance within and accelerate towards the life you've always dreamed of!

Our program is a uniquely systematic and supportive approach that will guide you step-by-step. Everyone has a dream. If you're serious about yours, we can show you how to create it as your every day reality for a price you won't find elsewhere! You can see a sample of what you get by clicking the "learn more" button below!

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Member Options

 Level 1

Receive a new Law of Attraction Process to work with every 30 Days. Each process comes with an Instructive Manifestation Article, a Worksheet to use for 30 Days, an Audio MP3 of the Article, a 30-Day Challenge and Affirmation that are created to enhance and work with the process and a Law of Attraction E-book.  A link will be delivered to your inbox every 30 days. You also get full access to our Private Support Forum to interact with Coaches and other members, receive support and share successes!


$12.99 per month



  Level 2

Get everything in the first tier, plus another Advanced Manifestation Exercise in the form of an Exclusive Video (not available anywhere else) with an Instructive Article, an Additional Worksheet and an Audio MP3 of the Exercise. This is designed to work with the material given in Level 1.  A link will be delivered to your inbox every 30 days.  You also get full access to our Private Support Forum to interact with Coaches and other members, receive support and share successes!


$17.99 per month

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If you sign up for Level 1 & decide to change it to Level 2 later, you
will start over at the first month for Level 1 but have everything listed in Level 2 in addition to that.

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Premium Training

Go beyond average training and learn how to reach new heights in your manifestation journey!

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Exclusive Content

New content delivered to your inbox every 30 days. Work with our techniques at your convenience!

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Mindful Techniques

We'll keep you motivated to manifest the life of your dreams with our easy-to-do (and powerful) techniques!

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Register for the FREE Masterclass: "How to Train Your Brain for EFFORTLESS Manifestation, WITHOUT Waiting Years for Results! Inside, you'll learn some RARELY taught manifestation tips, a very EFFECTIVE EXERCISE to show you what BLOCKS your success AND get a FREE Meditation MP3 that has changed the lives of thousands of people!

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